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Maintain My Particulars
Renew Road Tax (for my vehicle)
Renew Road Tax (for others)
Buy e-Day Licence (for my vehicle)
Buy e-Day Licence (for others)
Enquire Transfer Fee
Enquire PARF/COE Rebate for Registered Vehicle
Enquire Road Tax Payable / Prerequisite(s) to Fulfill
Purchase Deregistered Vehicle Details
Retrieve Deregistered Vehicle Details
Apply to Transfer My PARF/COE Rebate
Confirm/Reject Pending Transfer of PARF/COE Rebate to Me
Cancel Pending Transfer of My PARF/COE Rebate
Apply to Transfer My TCOE
Confirm/Reject Pending Transfer of TCOE to Me
Cancel Pending Transfer of My TCOE
Apply to Transfer My Vehicle
Confirm/Reject Pending Transfer of Vehicle to Me
Cancel Pending Transfer of My Vehicle
Apply to Deregister My Vehicle
Change Authorised Person to Dispose My Vehicle
Upload Disposal Document for My Vehicle
Register E-scooter / Power Assisted Bicycle (PAB)
Transfer of E-scooter / PAB (Seller)
E-scooter Disposal
Confirm Pending Transfer of E-scooter / PAB