This service is for HV park operator to apply for new HV park licence.

Note: You may take about 10 minutes to complete this transaction. You will need the following:
- Operator Name
- Operator ID and Type
- Parking Layout Plan
- Lease / Tenancy Document
- Heavy Vehicle Park Details
Apply New Heavy Vehicle Park Licence
Heavy Vehicle Park Operator Details
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**Operator Name*:
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Heavy Vehicle Park Details
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Street Name*:
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TOL/WorkSite/Public HV Park Address*:
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***Allow Public to Enquire VPC Availability?: Yes No
* Mandatory field
**Please enter the HV Park Operator's NRIC/ACRA No. and Name (for the HV Park applied for) in the Operator ID and Operator Name fields respectively.
***Selecting 'Yes' for this field would enable the general Public to enquire and view the VPC availability of your HV Park.
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